Saturday, August 16, 2008

Music! Sweet Sweet Music!

I have my own particular sorrows, loves, delights; and you have yours. But sorrow, gladness, yearning, hope, love, belong to all of us, in all times and in all places. Music is the only means whereby we feel these emotions in their universality. ~H.A. Overstreet

Overstreet puts into words the mystery of why my taste in music embraces such a wide variety of genre and artists. Having been influenced at an early age by my father's love of Frank Sinatra and music of the Big Band era, during my teenage years I would have never admitted that fact outside of the confines of my yard. With age comes, hopefully, wisdom and I can bring Frank, Rosemary and Glen out of my adolescent closet and add them to my list of my 'salad days.' However, when I replay the highlight reel of the 1960s and early '70s the following 'vinyl' lp's come to mind:

#10 Donovan
Sunshine Superman and Atlantis blasted from 8-track in every van cruising up and down the street .. not to mention the parking lot at James Madison Memorial HS

#9 Tapestry
There wasn't a female in my circle of friends that did not know every word of every song on this album. And we all could not imagine Carole King 'doing it' with Neil Sedaka. EEEEWWWWW

#8 The Monkees
Before Laverne and Shirley's "Hassenpfeffer Incorporated" there was the Monkee's theme song and 'walk.' And everyone asked, "Do you know Peter Tork is from Madison (WI)?" I'm a believer!

#7 Joan Baez
This album made me realize the power of music as a medium for expressing thoughts and opinions. Joan Baez took music from beyond the beat and words to sing to a far more personal level. Music became a way to help change the hearts and minds of others - and maybe the world.

#6 McCartney
This album helped heal the wounds of not only the breakup of the Beatles but also Paul's marriage to Linda Eastman - Maybe I'm Amazed remains one of my favorite love songs to this day. Linda's photography ressenated with me and Paul's talents playing every instrument on this album was an amazement.

#5 Jim Hendrix
Awesome album ... there is nothing better when I'm in the mood for something loud, driving and totally rock and roll.

#4 Crosby Stills and Nash
Their harmony is unsurpassed. There are two albums that I continue to replace as the venue of music changes, my #1 pick and CSN&Y Four Way Street - lp, cassette, 8-track and now CD. They were a favorite but two other artists rate higher on my salad days list.

#3 Sweet Baby James
James Taylor and I have been together since high school. At my senior year talent show one of the two songs I sang was Fire and Rain. My husband played this same album during his time in the service stationed at Fort Benning Georgia so there are many memories tied up with Sweet Baby James.

#2 Abby Road
In addition to the music, reflecting for the first time the different paths each member of the group was taking, speculation of the meaning of John in white leading a barefoot Paul was rampant. Paul is dead and Is Paul dead ... it was my generation's "Amelia Earhart." One of the many memories I treasure of traveling with my mother, is the trip we made to the Abby Road Studios in St. John's Wood. I wrote on the wall in front of the studio then walked down the street to the famous crossing and took a photo of my mother in the crosswalk while I stood in the middle of the road with my camera. As they say ... priceless. I have this mental picture of Queen Liz, sitting in one of the many cavernous rooms at Bucks House, tapping her foot and softly singing along to Her Majesty. It does make one smile and I can't help but think ... I am amused.

#1 Beatles White Album

This album was such a force during the time of its release that the English department at James Madison Memorial HS added The White Album to its curriculum. Dissecting the words to Rocky Raccoon remains as one of my favorite class projects.

Text: Copyright © 2008 by Cindy Scherwinski


ruth said...

We must be of one mind! I still have several of those albums in my closet. Maybe I'm Amazed is my all-time favorite of Paul's post-Beatle work. Even more so since Linda died...I can't play them anymore, since I don't have a record player. But they are wonderful...!

ruth said...

Oops, I almost forgot! At my 8th grade Talent Show one of our teachers did Fire and Rain. I adored him (the teacher and James Taylor!) I still adore James Taylor, even without hair!

Terry Thornton said...


Good choices! Good music! Good memories! But where are the "Good Vibrations?" LOL!

Terry Thornton
Fulton, Mississippi

Becky said...

well i sure i wish coule be up there, that sounds yummy and fun, have u been on any 4-wheelers(:

wow i miss everyone like crazy and thanks its going good.
ive been packed down with homework but im doing good so far i dont have that much time to myself though with lots and lots of homework and family, and friends and all that but im hoping it will calm down but love u and miss u.

by the way i like ur blog i liked the set up of it and the words and how u used them.

love always,

Craig Manson said...

I own most of those picks, so naturally I think you have great taste in music. Those were the days. . . .


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