Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday Morning's Look at Saturday Night Genealogy Fun

With the second week in December coming to a close and the start of the new year on the horizon, Santa Seaver at Gena-Musings has added yet another Saturday Night Genealogy Fun question for everyone to ponder: to express our wishes for databases we want the genealogy companies to bring to us.

1) Define one or more genealogy or family history databases, that are not currently online, that would really help you in your research. Where does this database currently reside?

2) Tell us about it/them ...

Oh my. Are you are old enough to recall the anticipation waiting for the official start to the Christmas season: the arrival of the toy catalog? If you are, then you may recall laying on the living room floor marking the pages to reference for your letter to Santa and will understand why I have chosen for my database wish to bypass the toy section and going right to the top and ask for a Christmas pony.

My wish would be free access to military records relative to the War of 1812 at the NARA.

The selected records offered by several genealogy sites/companies are a start but, of course, the records I am interested in are not included in these selected records.

The progenitor of my Facer family line, Lewis Facer, is listed as having served during the War of 1812. Listed on the one and only piece of paper that a researcher could find states his rank, the company he served in and a hint that more military records exist but are not able to be located. I am convinced this is one of those instances of his surname being misspelled and possibly the researcher was not looking for other possible variances.

I have several other brick walls and holes in my family history that online access to the complete War of 1812 database would either solve or give me clues as to where to look next.

Oh .. and did I mention I would like this access to be a no cost?

So Santa ... I have a blanket on my bedroom floor that will be perfect for my new pony.

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Elizabeth said...

ME TOO. Except, when I was at NARA 2 years ago, I asked for the file of my suspected War of 1812 ancestor, John Blanton, and the ONLY thing in the file was ONE pay stub. Denied. I keep hoping more info will pop up - need to spend more time on this one. Can't stand knowing there's a lineage group I could join but haven't! ;-)

Hope all is well with you guys. I've been worried since your last FB message. Have been meaning to email. Let me know what's up, ok?


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