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Fearless Females: Going To The Chapel

Day #4 of Fearless Females, thanks to Lisa Alzo of The Accidental Genealogist blog, asks the following: Do you have marriage records for your grandparents or great-grandparents? Write a post about where they were married and when. Any family stories about the wedding day? Post a photo too if you have one.

I wonder what our ancestors would think if, once they had gotten over the astonishment of television, they watched an episode of Bridezilla not to mention the power of advertising behind DeBeer's campaign to create the diamond engagement ring.  What has become of the wedding of the new millennium? And having a third party plan your wedding? As we said in the 60s and 70s ... we've come a long way, baby!

I've shared my maternal grandparent's wedding photo on an previous post and for today's prompt I couldn't decide which of my great-grandparent's to feature but a coin toss made the decision for me.

The last entry in the above photo is the entry from St. Stephen's Catholic Church in Anoka, MN, recording the marriage of Francis Xavier Bergeron and Mary Elizabeth Reinwand, my father's paternal grandparents. Translated from French to English the document reads: A.D. 1886 die. Oct 26 joined in matrimony S.R.E. Francis Bergeron and Mary Reinwand, witnesses Gulidimus Stack and Julia Reinwand. Officiating Wm. Brennan

Francis and Mary remained in the Ham Lake/Anoka area for their entire lives raising a family of eight children; my grandfather Charles Edward Bergeron was their first born. They buried four of their children as a result of the flu pandemic of the early 1900s and would raise several grandchildren either as a result of death or divorce. I can't imagine they ever spent any part of their life without children to raise and support.

While I don't have a wedding photograph, I do have a photograph commemorating Francis and Mary's 65th wedding anniversary, thanks to the generosity of a distant cousin who is the Keeper Of Everything in her family.

From the November 4, 1948, issue of the Anoka Herald is the following article, found on Page 1:

F.X. Bergerons Feted on 65th Anniversary

Mr. and Mrs. F. X. Bergeron were guests of honor at an open house at the home of their daughter, Mrs. Myrtle Spohn, Sunday afternoon in celebration of their sixty-fifth wedding anniversary. Their anniversary fell on October 26, but the celebration was held on Sunday so that more would be able to attend.

The refreshment table was centered with a lovely bouquet of rose and white chrysanthemums, a gift of Mr. and Mrs. Swanson of Burns and an attractive cake with sixty-five tiny colored candles on it was also a feature of the table appointments. The cake was made by Mrs. Armand Faubert of Minneapolis. The Fauberts were former neighbors of Mr. and Mrs. Bergeron near Crooked Lake and were among those present for the celebration. A delicious lunch was served and the remainder of the time was spent in visiting.

Mr. Bergeron was born in East Dayton June 10, 1863, and Mrs. Bergeron in Michigan on September 15, 1864. Both were brought to Anoka township by their parents when very young. Mrs. Bergeron was the former Mary Reinwand and she was two years old when she came to Crooked Lake. Mr. Bergeron was three years old when his parents moved to what is now the Crain Home near WCCO.

Mr. and Mrs. Bergeron were married in St. Stephens church, Anoka, October 26, 1883, and have lived in Anoka and Anoka township ever since. Eight children were born to this union of which four, Marie, Ethel, Henry and Frank, died some years ago. The other four, with their families, were all present. They were Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bergeron and Carol of Antigo, Wis.; Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Campbell and sons of Minneapolis; Mr. and Mrs. Earl Bergeron and Gregory of Crooked Lake. Grandchildren, great-grandchildren and many friends also called during the afternoon.

The honored couple receive many gifts along with the best wishes of all. Mr. and Mrs. Bergeron are loved and respected by all who know them and they have a host of friends who wish them well.

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