Friday, May 28, 2010

Treasure Thursday: Military Heros In My Life

This edition of Treasure Thursday is a chance to showcase some of the military treasures in my life. The photo shown above was the cover for a 2009 calendar I created as part of a fund raising effort for the Wisconsin Society Daughters of the American Revolution State Regent's Project. The calendar, a salute to our veterans, was a chance for the then state regent and I to honor our family who have served in the military. My contributions included VFW caps worn by both of my grandfathers who served in WWI; the blue cap emblazoned with Wisconsin in the upper left hand corner belonged to Charles Bergeron and the olive drab cap worn with pride by Harley Space is visible to the right of the photograph and near the Rosie the Riveter photo. The ration card and stamps, part of my family artifacts, is seen to the left of the Army 'dress greens' worn by my husband during his military service, 1970-1972. The folded Flag of the USA in the foreground covered the casket of my uncle Earle Bergeron.

I am blessed to celebrate this Memorial Day with my husband any my dad as we salute all of our service personnel who made our gathering possible.

Alvin John Scherwinski

H. John Bergeron

Copyright (c) 2010 Cindy Bergeron Scherwinski

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Dar said...

Wow, I jumped over her from CherShots...Cher is my younger sister. Then, what a surprise, to see an underclassman so handsome in his uniform. I went to school a couple years ahead of Alvin. Is he your brother-in-law? The world sure is small.
God Bless You All this Memorial Weekend and always. We have lost so many respected servicemen over the years. I am so grateful for all of their sacrifice, then, now and in the future.


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