Saturday, February 26, 2011

SNGF: Count Your Trees

Who doesn't enjoy a little Saturday Night Fun? Especially when it involves genealogy. Randy Seaver offers up his weekly SNGF via the always fun Genea-Musings and for once, Saturday night finds me at home where wireless high-speed Internet resides so I can participate.

This week's challenge:

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to:

1)  Open your genealogy database in the software of your choice, and use the Help function to determine if your software can count the number of separate family trees you have in that database.

2.  Follow the directions if the program can do it, and Count Your Trees.

3)  Tell us about how many trees you have, and who is the "root" person in the biggest tree.  Tell us if you have any big surprises - did you find any disconnected trees that should not have been disconnected?

4)  Write your own blog post, write a comment on this post, or write a Facebook status or comment.

"Well ... Isn't this a timely genealogy mission?" she says with a smile.

Having lived my past life on the side of the PC world, I recently became apple-cored. My conversion was totally unexpected - iPhone, iPad followed by FTM for Mac for my new MacBook Pro. Having new techie toys is almost as much fun as finding the document that either gets you through the brick wall, over the pond, or points the way to gr-gr-gr-grandmother Abigail's resting place. With that in mind I couldn't wait to open my FTM program (feeling smug that I knew exactly where to find it!) and count my trees.

So much for the walls of Jericho tumbling down ...

If you have read Randy's post, you will have all ready surmised that Family Tree Maker does not have a function to perform this sort of task. But it was a good way to delve into the upgrade of FTM as I was running an earlier version prior to making the upgrade in order to migrate my family information to the Mac.

While I was unable to complete my "mission" it was fun to participate in SNGF. As always, thanks Randy!

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