Monday, January 2, 2012

Beginnings. The Best Place to Start

I find it rather ironic that the emphasis for making any type of change is set to begin on January 1st. I confess to spending many New Years days with a list of good intentions. I'm all for taking time out to take a mental inventory, setting goals, discover (or rediscovering) passions in and for life and I have nothing against January 1st. I just wonder why we choose that day out of the many other days that mark a "first."

Apparently the concept of starting over is something that is not new. Throughout history man (and woman) has felt the need to put the past, well, in the past and move forward. Consider the Winter Solstice when we observe the increasing time spent in daylight. I've covered the Winter Solstice in a previous blog post; another previous post celebrates another rededication or a jubilee.

While there is comfort in the knowledge that the need to take an inventory of my life and move forward is following in the footsteps of my ancestors, as the family historian, I cannot totally embrace the notion that one must totally leave the past behind. What appears to e a contradiction is, in fact, the sum of the parts that define who I am and my life's purpose.

As I contemplate the January theme for NaBloPoMo, I come to the realization a beginning is truly ageless. There is no expiration date nor is there a limit on how many beginnings we are allowed. No matter what the outcome of today's beginning may be, I can redeem another beginning tomorrow. 

It doesn't matter if we have a new beginnings date circled on the calendar or celebrate each day as a new beginning. All that is required is a desire to be open and follow the words of the King in Alice in Wonderland, "Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end ..."

Text Copyright (c) 2012 Cindy Bergeron Scherwinski


Unknown said...

I have many times wanted to start a Winter Solstice tradition at my house, with people wearing medieval costumes and dancing around a campfire in our backyard! I think it could become a cool, cool thing. ~ Red Dirt Kelly

Kelly de Vries said...

I like the addition of the Alice in Wonderland quote!


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