Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Year of Creativity #06: Namesake and Heirlooms

Thirty-four years ago we welcomed son Benjamin Earle into the world. Arriving on the Day of Kings it was a frigid, brilliant day in western Wisconsin.  Selecting a name for your child is always serious business (unless your parents name you Unit, Moonbeam or Hashtag). We kept our selection a shared secret - I've always been envious of Al's informing my parents their new grandson, Benjamin Earle, had joined the family. I'm sure it came as a surprise - 

I've written several posts about my uncle Earle Clair Bergeron and the connection I've always felt with him even though he died 11 years before I was born. We could not have chosen a better person to carry Earle's name.

My creative expression today celebrates Ben and Earle ... the blanket was crocheted by Ben's great-great aunt Leona Polar Belott. The hat is one that Earle wore as a baby, it was kept safe by Earle's mother's sister and given to me following the death of my aunt. The baby bracelet was Ben's first piece of jewelry.

P.S. In honor of Ben's birthday I've skipped day 5 of creativity - Ben deserves two days!

"Namesake and Heirlooms." Digital Image. January 6, 2013. Original photograph privately held 
by Cindy Bergeron Scherwinski (c) 2013

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Lori said...

Beautiful!! What a wonderful remembrance. My mother created afghans for all her children and grandchildren and my mother in law made them some when my kids were babies as well. They are cherished heirlooms!


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