Saturday, October 18, 2008

Would You Care To Comment?

Three posts in three days ... It's amazing what a few days with limited commitments will do for you!

Filled with the excitement of having completed the latest Genea-blogger meme a celebration was in order. I packed up my computer, iPod and cell phone and headed off to my favorite coffee/ice cream establishment, Emy J's, for some quality blog time.

What a terrific way to spend a Saturday morning. I am amazed at the number of talented, creative, funny, skilled and down-right nice people in Genea-blogger land. I am inspired to share more of my family history and my corner of the world.

Two large cups of skinny Chai Latte's after I began ... here is my list of the fabulous blog sites in no particular order:

Elizabeth at Little Bytes of Life
Number one on my list for so many reasons. My friend, confidiant, tech mentor and I'm sure, a sister in my past life. E and I share a sisterhood in DAR and she has come to my web site rescue more times than I can count. She crosses my mind daily and I count her one of the many blessings in my life. She coaxed me to blogging and Facebook - thanks to her I now know what to do with my time when insomnia strikes. I know ... a shameless post about what a treasure she is. And her redesigned web site is a must see - virtual eye candy for sure.

Lisa at Small-leaved Shamrock
Speaking of eye candy ... this is one of the most soothing, inviting and beautifully designed sites I've had the pleasure of visiting. A cozy room with a warm fire on a wonderfully damp and gray day.

Amy at Amy's Genealogy, etc. Blog
I love barns and Amy's header photo is one of the best. I can't wait to learn more about Tombstone Tuesday's. I had to force myself to leave the Tombstone Tuesday posts in order to finish my 'assignment.'

Denise at Moultrie Creek
Another awesome blog - a well balanced mix of story and beautiful photographs. I'm always sorry when I reach the end of one of Denise's posts. Not to mention her profile photograph which, for some reason, really speaks to me.

Sheri at The Educated Genealogist
Ok ... a professional genealogist who shares all of her knowledge, tips and tricks AND she is learning to do the polka? How can you not love this blog? Just because my last name ends in "ski" (even though it was a name I chose and not the one I inherited) and Sheri's latest post has to do with her learning the official dance of the great state of Wisconsin - I'll admit it looks like I'm a bit prejudiced. But you have to admit - the woman knows how to wear a hat.

Janet at The Chart Chick
There are so many wonderful blogs that I yet to discover and this is one of them. Having been called the 'biking chick', the title of Janet's blog is what caught my eye - she had me laughing out loud at her post about the little girl's smile and before I could take another sip of my latte, Chart Chick was on my list of favorites.

Kathryn at Looking4Ancestors
Is it kismit?? One of our grandpuppies has a swirley purple coloured tongue, a good friend from Wokingham, Berks, was a Girl Guide leader and we both love Tim Horton. Add all that up plus she loves research and I think I can file Karthryn under "we were friends in a past life."

Miriam at Ancestories: The Stories of my Ancestors
This is my favorite learn-something-new-about-research blogs. Miriam is selfless in giving of her time to so many worthwhile projects - her blog is like the Wall Street Journal meets Erma Bombeck. It makes me want to do more to give back to those who have helped me along with way.

Lisa at Genealogy Gems News Blog
I am a huge fan of her podcasts. If you have never ever listened to a podcast - run - don't walk to her site and check it out. Her recent post on igoogle is outstanding - if you have not all ready become a fan of igoogle, you will after reading her post. And become a fan of her blog as well.

What a terrific reminder that sometimes it is good to step outside of the familiar and do something wild and crazy. How about a bag of Robert's American Gourmet Pirate's Cannon Balls and check out an 'unknown' blog!

Life is short ... Enjoy!

Copyright © 2008 by Cindy Bergeron Scherwinski


Lisa said...

Thanks so much for reading and for speaking such glowing words about Small-leaved Shamrock, Cindy. I'm so glad that you enjoy "stepping into Ireland" and the world of my Irish ancestors with me.

Small-leaved Shamrock
A light that shines again
100 Years in America

Genealogy Gems said...

You are such a sweetie! Thanks so much for your kind words about my Genealogy Gems podcast and blog!

Lisa Cooke

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! BTW, yours was on my list of blogs to visit even before you visited mine :-)

I'm glad this event was started. It's given me the push I've needed to make time to visit -- and comment on -- the blogs I really enjoy!

looking4ancestors said...

Greetings Cindy,
I'm glad I was able to provide you with a good reason to go to your favourite hangout to read and comment. Thanks for participating in the challenge.

Elizabeth said...

I'm stunned and speechless at your extremely kind review of my blog (and me!). I'm at a loss for words, and I'm reaching for the tissues right now.

I hope you know that the feeling is mutual. You and your friendship are truly a treasure to me.


Sheri said...

I apologize for the lateness in thanking you for your wonderful review of my blog. I was off dancing the Polka and just today quite by accident, read your post I am so glad you enjoy my rants and babble. Knowing that some one actually reads my stuff, keeps me pumping them out! LOL
who is also a sister DAR member

Miriam said...

I'm very late to comment, but am blessed (and tickled) by your description of my blog, Cindy. I'm glad you've joined the Genea-Blogging community!

Elizabeth said...

TAG, you're it!

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Tag, you're it again! I didn't see Elizabeth had already tagged you ;-)


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