Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Time of Reflection and Jubilee

It never ceases to amaze me how smart my parents have become! My Dad is famous for his "ism's," several of which I have shared in my blog. Some of them are parental ("you'll appreciate this as you get older"), a couple apply to any situation in life, such as the time I was losing  my patience with a customer visiting our family's women's retail store to which he replied, "Remember, she is someones grandmother. How would you like your grandmother to be treated?" Several, such as "Plaid or Plain?"  and his reply of "Well, I won't walk across the street for it" in response to being asked how he liked a new recipe - are now Bergeron family standards.

Sitting down to write this post, I was genuinely surprised to find my last blog post was August 25th. Where did the time go? In answer to my own question, I recall my Dad commenting on how much faster time seemed to go the older he got. I also remember rolling my eyes whenever he uttered that sentiment.

Reflecting over my morning coffee, I am amazed at how quickly the past few days and weeks have become months. It isn't until now that I see how I have allowed commitments both from within and without my life to take up so much of  my time and attention. I also realize those decisions of how to spend  my day rests with me. I've not listened to that voice that reminds me that no matter what I may plan for this afternoon, tomorrow or next week, all I am guaranteed is this moment. Even with Cindy's Birthday Celebration Month set to kick off tomorrow, I will be grateful for the celebration of this moment and set a course for a Jubilee year.

The Big Site of Amazing Facts (c) describes Jubilee as "a season of rejoicing" and comes from the ancient Hebrews. The site describes the history of Jubilee as "Fifty years after the Jews were freed from Egyptian bondage, they created a semi-centennial festival that lasted a full year within which all land would be left fallow and returned to its original owners."

My Jubilee is being observed by a re-dedication of living in the moment, listening to the inner voice that reminds me when I becoming caught up in the extra-curricular that fill up my days but can threaten to overtake my life.

The changing of the seasons is marked by the length of sunlight, the migration of the birds, the "jubilee" of the leaves of the trees and the passing of the summer flowers. My first act of celebration is to post a new blog header photograph, taken a few weeks ago from the 'front porch' of our cabin. As we make our way towards the winter solstice, the constellations take up new positions in the night time sky but even as they move, I can count of the north star to point me in the right direction.

Time does seem to be passing by much faster now that I am 57. It's amazing how smart my Dad has become as he prepares to celebrate his 81st birthday.

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