Saturday, December 11, 2010

FM Tradional Blog Caroling: Sir Paul McCartney Having a Wonderful Christmas Time

For someone born and raised in Wisconsin, Christmas just wouldn't be the same without snow and a Christmas tree. A large part of my traditional Christmas celebrations is music:  nothing can keep the spirit of Christmas burning more than singing a Christmas carol. FootnoteMaven's annual Blog Caroling sing-a-long is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a holiday favorite or discover a new favorite such as The Huron Carol on Jenn's Roots and Stones blog.

There are so many wonderful Christmas songs that it is difficult to select just one to blog. Enya's beautiful Oíche Chiúin (Silent Night) is something I could listen to for hours on end. Christmas and winter music on my iPod ranges from Mannheim Steamroller, Josh Groban to Bing, Frank and Rosemary. So now what to choose ... a classic or somewhere in between?

For FootnoteMaven's hot toddy, jammie wearing, bring your fuzzy slippers sing-a-long I have chosen Sir Paul McCartney's Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time. I am reminded that when White Christmas debuted it was an instant hit but it took a number of years to become a classic. There are those Christmas carols that are meant to be sung at a midnight service on Christmas eve and those you sing on your way to the store. May you enjoy a toe-tapping, hum the tune until you get to the chorus to sing along new Christmas favorite:

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Thomas MacEntee said...

To be honest, this song is the Christmas equivalent of dragging fingernails down a blackboard. I do like the Jars of Clay version however

I am just glad someone else enjoys this song!


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